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‘This Fearless Maid 2’ by Ruth Clinton

A collection of songs in a traditional or folk idiom that challenge patriarchal power dynamics and feature women in active roles.

Amongst the selection are old Irish, Scottish, English and American ballads, music hall style numbers, and two recently written songs by Angeline Morrison and Veronica Barrett.

Featuring: A Mad Marriage, Bessy Bell an’ Mary Gray, Easy John, the contented Cuckold, Granuaile, Irish Witches, Mrs. Coffey, Poddle’s Flowery Banks, Shelling Green Peas, The Ballad of Mary Spain, The Banks of Salee, The Laundresses’ Song, The Modern Mrs. Mulligan, The Shoofly, The Star of Evening, The Wife of the Bold Tenant Farmer, Unknown African Boy (d. 1830).

20 percent of each sale will be donated to Women in Hebron, a Palestinian women’s cooperative in the West Bank.

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