Book subscriptions

Marrowbone Books subscriptions offer a bit of that second-hand bookshop serendipity (with a little less musty rummaging) conveniently delivered to your door.

Subscribers are treated to a good second-hand paperback, hand-selected according to their specific tastes every month. Selections arrive in the post with a little note about why we think you’ll enjoy it, and a pre-addressed postcard so you can let us know what you think of it (and so we can adjust future selections). It’s a little literary surprise to look forward to.

We offer monthly or bimonthly subscriptions, as well as subscriptions bundled with Dublin Inquirer, whose local reporting is required reading for civic-minded Dubliners.

These make pretty nice gifts, we’re told.

Books + Dublin Inquirer

  1. Six months €75
  2. One year €130

Books only

  1. Six months €50
  2. One year €95

Some very fine print

You’ll receive a quick questionnaire after purchasing to provide more information about the gift recipient and to clarify shipping arrangements.

Shipping within Ireland is included. We ship subscription selections on the 20th of each month (orders placed before the 15th will ship that month).

Sub di