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Give the gift of good reading with our book subscriptions. Every month, subscribers receive the perfect second-hand paperback.

Books are selected specifically for individual subscribers, informed by a brief literary taste questionnaire. Each selection arrives with a brief note about why we chose it, and a postcard so you can let us know what you thought.

We offer half or full year subscriptions, as well as a bundled subscription with Dublin Inquirer, whose original local stories are required reading for civic-minded Dubliners.

Full-year subscription orders placed before 15 December will include a special gift box featuring the first book selection (and the current Dublin Inquirer if you've subscribed to the bundle) so you'll have something to give to the subscription recipient over the holidays.

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Book + journalism bundle

Receive a paperback selected especially for you in the post every month along with the latest edition of Dublin Inquirer.

Book subscription

Receive a paperback selected especially for you in the post every month.

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You'll receive a quick questionnaire after purchasing to provide more information about the gift recipient and to clarify shipping arrangements. Books ship on the 20th of every month (orders placed before 15 December will arrive in time for Christmas).

We also have, you know, a shop full of books that would make great gifts. But you'll have to come visit the shop to see those.